Imagine this: You are at your local supermarket, looking for your favorite brand of granola, only to discover that they have run out. So, you frantically search the aisles, desperate for an alternative. Suddenly, a striking packet catches your eye. You are immediately drawn to this stand up pouch with a unique label. The colors stand out and the typography looks elegant. And just like that, you are sold. You don’t even need to peruse other options.

This is the power of label design.

Label or product packaging design, although seemingly daunting, can play a crucial role in promoting your product and bringing it to life.

According to a report, a majority of people will buy a product without knowing anything about it, solely based on its packaging. Also, with packaging and labeling that stands out, customers are more likely to remember your product. They can also identify it more easily the next time they are shopping.

So, if you are planning to sell your products in stand up pouches, you should create labels that grab your customers’ attention and encourage them to add it to their carts. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Start with a plan

The first step of any creative design process, including product packaging design, is planning. You should start with a brainstorming session to determine how you want the label or packaging to look. Make a list of all the information that you want to display on it. Is there a particular label style that you gravitate towards? Do you want it to be minimal? Do you want something artsy? Also, make sure your label design complements the shape of a stand up pouch.

  • Keep it simple

When you read a label or even look at it, the last thing you would want is for your senses to be overwhelmed by busy graphics or information. The most effective product labels are usually the simplest. This is why it is crucial that for your label design, you find a way to communicate all that you want without filling the whole label up. Think about how you want each piece of information to be portrayed – is it through text or image?

  • Pick the right font

Yes, the font on your product label is also important. In fact, the right font can have a transformational effect on your label design. To create labels that are easy to read and identify, it is always best to go with classic serif fonts like Times New Roman, Baskerville, and Courier New. They usually make the product look high-end and good-quality. Even if you want to go with a more stylish pick, make sure that it is legible. It should also pair well with the aesthetic of your label as well as the look of your stand up pouches.

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