Poly Mailers

Poly mailers are the best choice for the shipping industry. Ideal for delivery shirts, clothing, and delicate products. Lightweight and simple to send, our poly mailers are tear-proof, self-fixing, and climate-safe.

Ship Your Products in Custom Poly Mailer Bags and Save Costs

Not all the products can be shipped in a cardboard box! So, what’s next? Try Flexible Pouches custom poly mailer bags, and ensure enhanced protection for your products until they reach the customer’s doorstep. Reach out to us for tamper-proof, water-resistant custom poly mailers that come with a lip and tape. 

Flexible Pouches offers personalized poly mailers for businesses looking to use their shipping bags as an effective branding tool. Our poly mailers are made using quality materials for added protection and reliability.

Beautiful poly mailer pouches for beautiful products

You might be looking for mailer bags as beautiful as your products! Look no further. We have brought a wide variety of custom mailers that will keep your products safe during transit without compromising their appearance. If that’s what you’re looking for, Flexible Pouches is the right place for you.

Our poly mailer bags have self-sealing lips, so securing the packaging is not a problem. Plus, they eliminate the need for using additional tape, protecting products against damage without disrupting their visual appeal. Reach out to us for attractive poly mailer pouches available in the choice of your color and print.

Recyclable poly mailers for sustainability

Using poly bags doesn’t always mean putting environmental safety at stake. As businesses make efforts to ensure the least harm to our surroundings, we follow the same during the entire manufacturing process or our products – from choosing the material to processing it into finished products.

Our poly mailers have been made using recyclable material to keep them in sync with your sustainability efforts. Self-adhesive strips eliminate the need to use other adhesive materials for the purpose. Connect with us or explore our collection to choose the right mailbags for your business.

See-through or opaque?

We offer both see-through and opaque shipping bags, so it is up to you to choose. These bags make packaging as simple as sliding your products inside the mailbags and sealing them using the lip and tape provided. Based on your products and visibility requirements, you can choose from see-through and opaque bags – we offer both.

Our White Bubble Poly Mailers with Lip and Tape are transparent, lightweight, water-safe, and impervious to penetrate or tears, and have a decent stretch, which gives more insurance during transit when contrasted with other brand bubble mailers. We also offer printed poly mailers that look beautiful and serve your branding needs while protecting your products and making them shipping-ready. 

Light on your pocket

Paying too much for shipping your products won’t bring huge profits to your business! Whether running an eCommerce business or handling the skipping part for your clients, you can only earn attractive returns if you keep your expenses under the set limit. Corrugated boxes offer reliable protection, but mailbags are a better choice in terms of cost-effectiveness.

Our custom printed poly mailers have been designed keeping affordability in mind. With our poly mailer bags, you can ship customer orders without damaging the products on the way and save costs on the packaging, ensuring profits while prioritizing customer needs. Reach out to us if you want mailer bags with built-in cushioning without breaking the bank; we will be happy to design them for you!

Connect with us for custom poly mailer bags today 

Our poly mailer bags are ideal for delivering shirts, clothing, and delicate products. They are lightweight and simple to send, ensuring improved safety of your products and increased customer satisfaction. What’s more? Our poly mailers are tear-proof, self-fixing, and climate-safe. Plus, you can get them customized to your specific packaging and branding needs. Reach out to us for quality poly mailer bags today.

Stand Up Pouches

Stand Up Pouches are a rich and useful option in contrast to unbending bundling. The pockets are ideal for rack show, which likewise makes them the perfect method to publicize your image.

Draw More Eyeballs to Your Products with Quality Stand Up Pouches and Sell Better

The secret to keeping your products fresh for longer and clearing the stock faster lies in stand up pouches! Whether you want to pack your food items or display non-food products, they are everything you could ask for — without breaking your wallet!

At Flexible Pouches, we have a complete line of exceptionally durable and appealing stand up pouches that not only keep the product inside fresh but also give it fantastic visibility. So, why pay the indirect costs for poor packaging when you have a more reliable and cost-effective option that drives better results in terms of sales and storage?

With our custom stand up pouches, expect more profit as you make your products more appealing to the eyes, and see them go off the shelf while you sit back and plan other strategies to attract more visitors to your store. 

So, now as you know what you have been missing so far, don’t delay it further. Get in touch with us for stand up pouch bags and allow your products to retain their freshness and lifespan for extended periods.

Here’re your options:

Clear stand up pouches 

We offer clear stand up pouches at wholesale rates for businesses that want to keep it cost-effective without compromising on quality. These pouches are designed to provide fantastic visibility to your product, making your brand more reliable to your consumers. Expect unmatched durability and boundary properties for a fraction of packaging cost and sell more without feeling drained or overwhelmed. 

Metal clear stand up pouches

So, you’re looking for more expensive packaging that offers remarkable clearness with the same durability and boundary properties. We’re up for that too! Being a trusted stand up pouch supplier, we offer metal clear pouches for manufacturers looking forward to replacing foils while ensuring extended durability and lifespan for their products. These pouches offer high dependability and performance by consolidating PET with a silver metalized layer, guaranteeing the desired durability, visibility, and freshness.

Our pouch bags have brought a lot of good words from our previous customers to us, and we aim to keep the cycle going. In case you’re looking for more reasons to switch to this flexible packaging option, we have them for you:

  • We use industry-standard materials in our pouches, so you don’t have to stress over the possible hazards in the case of foodstuff packaging.

  • You get to save on packaging costs, and pouch bags can be tailored to your specific packaging needs and requirements, making them highly cost-effective and usable.

  • Their manufacturing generates the least waste and greenhouse gas emission compared to their counterparts, supporting your environmental protection endeavors.

  • Clear pouch bags look attractive – the most prominent reason to opt for them. They make your product look more reliable to consumers as they can look through the packaging.

Connect with us for custom stand up pouches today

Flexible Pouches is your one-stop shop for all your product packaging requirements. Our stand up pouch packaging is suitable for a variety of products, including but not limited to coffee, dried fruits, cosmetics, cannabis, nuts, snacks, and spices. Reach out to us to make your products more appealing to your consumers by making them more visible, durable, and reliable.

Vacuum Pouches

Vacuum packs furnish amazing substance assurance with solid hindrance properties protecting against potential ruining elements, for example, water fume and oxygen invasion.

Enhance Product Life with Quality Vacuum Pouches Customized to Your Branding Needs

Keep your products fresh for longer with custom vacuum pouches designed with your product appeal in mind. Flexible Pouch Inc. offers vacuum pouch bags to help you pack your product the way you have ever wanted. Whether you want to enhance your products’ shelf life or make them look more presentable, our vacuum seal bags are all you need.

Our food vacuum sealer bags have been designed to furnish reliable substance assurance with solid hindrance properties, protecting foodstuff against potential ruining elements such as water, fume, and oxygen invasion. In case you’re looking for a custom printed vacuum seal bag that supports your branding endeavors in addition to offering the desired protection, we can provide you with that, too. We offer:

  • Co-extruded vacuum pouches

    Co-Extruded Vacuum Pouches give excellent execution, and their capacity to extend permits the material to adjust to unique item shapes. They provide excellent obstruction properties to both oxygen and dampness fume transmission.

  • Laminated vacuum pouches

    Laminated Vacuum Pouches have features of rough multi-layer development that give excellent hindrance properties to both oxygen and dampness fume transmission, which assists with expanding the timeframe of realistic usability for an assortment of food items.

Why do you need vacuum seal bags?

Food product suppliers face various challenges in retaining the product quality, making their products presentable for consumers, reducing or eliminating the use of preservatives, and controlling the costs involved in packaging.. Our biodegradable vacuum seal bags offer solutions to all these problems by:

Sealing in flavors : The first reason to switch to vacuum packaging is to keep your products as flavored as they are at the time of packing for weeks. While ordinary packaging solutions allow food items to lose their taste over time, vacuum packaging helps keep them crisp for an extended period.

Increasing shelf life : If short shelf life is a challenge for you, quality vacuum pouches can help you solve the problem to some extent. Our pouches have been designed to keep your products fresh for longer. Visit us for vacuum pouch bags and increase your products’ shelf life.

Eliminating chemical preservatives : Most food manufacturers use preservatives to keep the quality of their supplies intact for longer. While it is a widespread practice, it is not the only way to keep your food products tasty and aromatic.

Vacuum packaging, as discussed above, can keep your products flavored for weeks while avoiding deterioration due to oxidation or environmental exposure. So, go the vacuum packaging way and eliminate chemical preservatives without compromising freshness and taste.

Reducing loss : The increased shelf life further translates into reduced product loss if you use vacuum packaging for your food products. In this way, our pouches can help you reduce losses and increase profits.

Improving presentation : Your products look their best when they are clearly visible. Our pouches have been designed keeping the same in mind. Make your food items look more presentable in our crystal clear vacuum bags and effortlessly increase sales and consumer base.

Branding : We understand your quest for solutions that help you with your branding efforts. Reach out to us for custom pouches that make your brand more visible to your target audience.

Cost-efficiency : With us, you get all the above benefits without breaking the bank. Our vacuum packaging solutions are available for the most reasonable price in the market. So, don’t think much; give us a call and pick pouches that fit your specific packaging needs.

Connect with us for quality vacuum pouch bags

Flexible Pouch Inc. is home to a wide variety of packaging solutions ideal for different packaging needs. We offer quality products for the most competitive prices in the industry. Reach out to us for food vacuum bags today and secure your food items against environmental invasions.