The ever-growing food packaging industry is constantly finding innovative ways to provide products that maintain their freshness without overloading them with harmful chemicals and preservatives. Moisture in the air is the main contributor to enhancing food decay as the large amount of oxygen present in the atmosphere can cause the growth of dangerous bacteria, and even mold and yeast. Better known as ‘food oxidation’, excessive oxygen exposure aids in reducing the longevity of food.

To maintain the integrity of fresh foods with high moisture content, vacuum packing, or vacuum sealing, is the solution, a method of sucking the air out of the container before sealing to keep the produce fresh and its flavor profile intact. Used mostly by businesses to store freshly procured products, it solves the primary concern of food losing its original flavor.

The various fresh items that work well with vacuum sealing include fruits like seasonal berries, imported exotic fruits and vegetables, deli meats, freshly cut meats, fish and poultry, and hard cheese, to name a few.

The biodegradable vacuum seal bags by Flexible Pouch.Inc provide two types of user-friendly vacuum pouches:

Co-extruded vacuum pouches

These biodegradable vacuum seal bags give excellent execution, and their capacity to extend permits the material to adjust to unique item shapes. They provide excellent obstruction properties to both oxygen and dampness fume transmission.

Laminated vacuum pouches

With features of rough multi-layer development that give excellent hindrance properties to both oxygen and dampness fume transmission, these biodegradable vacuum seal bags assist with expanding the timeframe of realistic usability for an assortment of food items.

Apart from being environmentally friendly, the vacuum seal pouches by Flexible Pouch are your product of choice for storing food items for many reasons, including:


Allocating funds wisely is the need by every business, and their price competitive rates make them accessible to all, without breaking bank.

Maintain Quality and Freshness

Giving you the same sense of a farm-to-table concept, the food items sealed in their vacuum pouch not only maintain their original flavoring for a period of time, but also keep things chemical preservative free. This added layer certainly is the biggest selling point for an increased shelf-life.

Efficient Storage

Fresh foods require more storage area like deep freezers and temperature-controlled rooms for optimal food freshness. This isn’t feasible owing to space concerns. Not to mention, fresh items like meats that stay longer in the freezer can get crystallized owing to their moisture content and tend to lose their original flavor. Vacuum packing these items ensure you have compacted storage, with food remaining intact longer.

Reduce Wastage

Since businesses and grocery stores have to procure large amounts of fresh foods to keep up with demands, improper storage can lead to rapid spoilage owing to excessive moisture content, leading you to dispose of large amounts and incurring losses in profit margins. A biodegradable vacuum seal bag ensures you cut down on food wastage by prolonging the shelf-life of perishable food items.

Reuse the Pouch

This is a bonus that implies you add more value to your purchase. Even though the vacuum seal bags are biodegradable, reusing the pouch certainly is welcomed. However, ensure that you do not reuse pouches with meat stored in it as unwanted bacteria could potentially still be lingering in them. Discard them and use a fresh vacuum pouch for maximum freshness.

To preserve the quality of fresh foods, biodegradable vacuum seal bags by Flexible Pouch is the way to go!